Being filled with Holy Spirit...or maybe not

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Being filled with Holy Spirit...or maybe not

Postby SpaceCowboy » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:26 pm

Something got me thinking: if you surf around the web, there are many claims of people who claim to "see evil" thanks to God's inspiration, due to the Holy Spirit filling them.

However, what can you say when you read about people claiming that God himself told them Halo is satanic and made to mock Christianity ( ... -game.html ) or those (like the "Vigilant" or the "Loving" Christian) who say God has told them about Illuminati conspirancy, rapture is near and everything unrelated to the Bible is Satanic?
Or Jack Chick, whose fearmongering, hate-filled tracts he claims to be inspired by God?

How do we know when someone (up to ourselves) are truly being graced by divine wisdom, or are having their gut-feeling being consumed by fear and doubts?
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Re: Being filled with Holy Spirit...or maybe not

Postby Davidizer13 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 3:49 pm

I think one thing to look for is a sense of logic and a basis in reality. People like the Vigilant Christian are out to find some grand, unifying theory for the things that are wrong in the world, why things are not working the way they think God is working things. Instead of facing up the fact that we are all evil and have our flesh driving what we do absent of God's help and collectively our individual disobedience is what causes problems, it is easier to peg it on a non-existent (or once-existent) group whose goals are nebulous when you ask any one person who believes in them, but are undoubtedly Satanic in nature. That's not how the world works - it's scarier to admit that nobody is really in control but God, and He's much quieter about His current desires and wills than a supposedly secret society whose symbols are everywhere you look, apparently.
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Re: Being filled with Holy Spirit...or maybe not

Postby IPv4 » Sun Jan 01, 2017 8:29 am

You dont need divine inspiration to see parallels of a story-line from a game and real life. I suggest you have a sceptical mindset when reading comments on the internet from random people.
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