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My Home, The Sea

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:40 am
by Wolfsong
3019 AD -
The Nautica, an experimental shop bound for colonizing a new planet, is finally nearing its destination after decades of travel. However, disaster is naturally about to strike as an asteroid of near-planetary size is careening towards them, an inescapable impact that will occur within moments. There is one chance though - a planet nearby that shows signs of life and chances of survival. Five escape pods are just enough to house the small crew, jettisoning towards the hopeful planet and leaving the Nautica to its fate. Above, the asteroid is seen coming closer, closer...

In moments the void is lit up.

You will find yourself on a planet entirely underwater, filled with plants and creatures you do not yet know. Will you survive, recolonize and thrive? Or will you die a lonely, miserable death in the jaws of a monster?

Here's the thing folks: You Can Die. If you make a bad choice I may let your character(s) perish horribly. I will have my character(s) as well but I will mostly be handling environmental control.
In other words, you guys are on your own. If a leader is chosen for this group it will not be mine. I can promise I won't all out try to kill you (all of the time) but I may make things somewhat difficult, particularly in the beginning. You will have technology on your side though, never fear. I do play fair after all.

Also if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Character sheets are as follows. Max of 2, any more and I will leave you for the sharks (or whatever this new planet has)

Name: (should be a no-brainer)
Job: (Biologist, Astro-something - that sort of thing. Be useful)
Rank: (Who you were on ship, may vary depending on your job, this rank was what you held while the Nautica lived and could very easily change over the course of the story; eg: previous leader turns out to suck at his job and is replaced by someone else)
Other: (Could be description, personality, or little quirks. What it is, make it interesting please.)

I'll post mine later. Have fun you guys :jump: