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Timeloss is the developing webcomic I've been working on since the end of 2008. 31 pages so far and currently updating on Thursdays so I thought I might as well do a small plug over here. :D
I'll try to summarise without pre-empting the plot:

Matthew takes refuge in the small farming town of Whitby with his sullen guardian, Saul. But his pursuers will use any means to close the distance between them, spurred by a destructive conflict brewing across space and time...

Minimum age: PG-13, due to occasional violence. I'm a bit clueless about rating and very happy to revise that on feedback.

Violence: (5/10)
A few graphic moments: In one page one character leaps to pin another to the ground. Another shows a character coughing and then shows a little blood on the ground. Lastly, on page 27 there is a two panel sequence as a hand dissolves (again, bloodless - but a bit squeamish, I've been told).

Language: (4/10)
Low level and I don't intend to drop the F or S words into it at any point in the story.

Sexual Content: (0/10)

Nudity (or skimpy outfits): (2-10)
The most revealing outfit is a singlet worn by a girl in page 2.

Bad Religion: (2/10)
In my opinion, nothing so far. But I'm hoping to explore different themes - power, apathy, the desire for immortality later.

You can find the comic here http://www.drunkduck.com/Timeloss/index.php or in my current sig.
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A sci-fi drama webcomic updating Thursdays.
PG-13. Rating description here.
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