Heroes Run.Action Adventure Manga w/ Christian character perspective.

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Heroes Run.Action Adventure Manga w/ Christian character perspective.

Postby TheEternalStudent » Tue Aug 12, 2014 1:56 pm

Hi, my team an I are in the midst of creating a new manga. The story takes place in the near future after a third global war. Characters find themselves getting involved in an international struggle after 40+ years of global peace.

The universe will involve good action and combat elements you would expect from any normal manga. Like so there will be moments of joy, laughter, goofiness (what would manga be without it??), disappointment despair, and faith...

Aside from all the action, good character development, plot, art, etc; what seperates this from everything else that is coming and mostly has came, the characters in this story will begin to develop a relationship with Christ (some characters have already).

While going through the main struggle between heroes and villians in the story, I intend to address issues that many contend with in the areas of faith and life in general, in a way that may help ppl better understand God. These are issues such as: racism, political corruption, idolatry, etc. My goal with this series is to reach people in a way that they begin to be open to receiving the word of God.

Below are links to some info about the comic, the Facebook page has character profiles and backgrounds.
Also there is a link to the kickstarter page. I do character concepts but the drawing and things I do not handle ( freelance artist). Just the story and (later) publishing. I appreciate any support you can give, please keep my project in your prayers.

-Mic James


https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/20 ... ?ref=email

PS- All feedback is appreciated!
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